Residential Contemporary Induction Buffet w/Ceramic Glass Countertop

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Residential Contemporary Induction Buffet w/Ceramic Glass Countertop and Zodiac Top or similar (includes 4 #12083 Induction Stoves   96” l x 34” w x 36” h
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Product Item: 50121

Hidden induction stoves can hold or cook with Bon Chef’s infinite control.  The only hidden induction buffet that can cook or hold temperature. The magical series of Residential Contemporary Induction Buffets has four 110 volt induction stoves mounted under an engineered ceramic glass countertop and hidden out of sight.  The induction ranges are programmed with infinite range temperature controls which are hidden by a drop down door.  The infinite range controls are engineered to keep food at serving temperatures with or without the water bath used in chafing dishes and can be regulated to accommodate any food with Bon Chef’s line of induction chafing dishes or induction serving pieces.  Food can go directly into the induction serving pans and the infinite control can be dialed to precise serving temperatures without cooking food and kept at desired serving temperatures


  • Made in America

  • Constructed with ONLY North American wood products

  • Engineered with LEED certified soy-based, formaldehyde-free adhesives.

  • No MDF or particle board, only quality veneers & solids.

  • Finished with durable and low-emitting  HAP-free lacquer. (Harmful Air Pollutant)

  • Traditional, time-tested fabrication techniques.

  • Only the finest furniture grade materials are used.

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