Dual Voltage Induction Stove (240V)

SKU: 12201

Our latest Induction Stove! Heat’s lightning fast – from ambient temperature to 500∘ F in under 60 seconds!

  • Heating Mode (default mode): 9 heating levels
  • Temperature Holding Mode: After turning on the power, touch the Mode Change to switch to Temperature Holding mode. Choose target temperature 104*F – 428*F and it will start heating until it reached the target temperature and start holding the temperature. 3 seconds after choosing the target temperature, the display will show real-time temperature.
  • Timer: Adjustable range: 0 minute to 300minutes.
  • Safety Start Up: After power on, if you do not rotate multi-function knob within 10 seconds, it will turn off the power automatically.
  • Small Object Detection: If small objects such as spoons, or knives are detected, it will not operate.
  • Empty Pot Detection: If you set the induction warmer to heat the pot without any liquid inside, it will detect and turn off the power automatically.
  • Two Hour Away Protection: If the control panel has not been touched for 2 hours, it will turn off the power automatically.
  • Overheat Protection: If the bottom of the vessel reached over 482 degrees Fahrenheit, it will turn off the power automatically.
  • 240V Plug